2001 Ealing bombing

2001 Ealing bombing

2001 Ealing bombing

On 3 August 2001, the Real IRA, a dissident Irish republican organisation and splinter of the Provisional IRA, detonated a car bomb containing 100 lb (45 kg) of homemade plastic explosives in Ealing Broadway, West London, England. The bomb was in a grey Saab 9000 near the train station, restaurants and pubs, which exploded shortly after midnight, injuring seven people. Debris caused by the bomb spread more than 200 m (220 yd). The bomb was timed to target leaving karaoke pub-goers - but whilst most escaped injury, the explosion still caused significant damage to property, estimated to be around £200,000. The adjacent Ealing Broadway shopping centre was also damaged by flooding arising from the water main under the car bomb being ruptured.


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