The Vanities Girls

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The Vanities Girls
Age: 32. Provenance: Topanga Canyon, California. Remember that fresh-faced 15-year-old on Rodney Dangerfield’s soccer team? “So many kids love that movie,” says Shaw of Ladybugs, her big-screen breakthrough. The same may not be said of Eyes Wide Shut, in which she played a smaller role. “I think most people were freaked out that I did a Kubrick film. They expected that after that I would want, like, 50 takes.” Broke out of the teenybopper phase as ... a Wild West vixen in 3:10 to Yuma. “I wanted to work with people that could really challenge me,” she says. “Russell Crowe is an amazing actor. I thought I could learn a lot working with him.” Soon to be tempting the conflicted soul of ... Joaquin Phoenix, who must choose between her and a shiksa’d-out Gwyneth Paltrow in James Gray’s Two Lovers. “I play the nice Jewish girl that every parent would want their child to marry,” says Shaw. “It’s funny, there was a guy who came up to the producer and said, ‘Vinessa Shaw isn’t Jewish.’ [But] my grandfather’s original last name was Schwartz!” —KRISTA SMITH
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