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Posted over a year ago by halfgoofy
Usually the Quickest way to the Answer ... Read by all Editors that Will participate ... And someone should have the best solution answer soon ... Or You could PM each and every Editor ... Get back with me next year when You're done.
We're here to answer Questions .. if We can ... this is an Editor Forum ... where Experienced Editors can read ... and Hopefully Answer Your Questions ... since We had to Stumble thru the Learning process ... and this is a Maze .. which can be Aggravating to Figure How What and Why ...

MAny Answers are already here

And the Place to Find that Database ...
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halfgoofy 3 days ago

1,000 of accounts that follow the Agreement ... 20 Accounts that are ROGUE ... and insist they are in charge ... hmmm ... Who is right ... ????? ... Integrity is the answer. ... either You have it ((someone to Stake Your Life on.)) ... or You don't ((Wimpy little liars)) ... Seems it is the choice of each individual to determine where they want to be ...

halfgoofy 3 days ago

I found it on the Internet ... so it must be posted !!!!! ... Not True ... many internet items are flawed, while others do not meet the Agreement we all agree to ... Examples Adult Content ... ((Must be Alerted)) PORN ... never acceptable ... Erroneous data from the mind of the Insane. ... these do not meet the Parameters set out by the Agreement ... Can't stay within the agreement ... Find a different SITE ... ot simply Build Your Own SITE ... then You can make the decisions ... ((Pay the Money for a Site, ... and it is Your Playground, ... ((DANGGIT there are still rules to follow ... )) ... Okay ... Start Your Own WEB ... There are more than 1 NOW ... Most just don't realize it.

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

Just a Note, .... to the Rogue Accounts out there disrupting the SITE with Garbage posts ... Following other Editors does Zero for protection ... as those Editors want to distance themselves from Trolls.

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

Again, ... Chief Editors ... Please go to the Flag page and Second those BOGUS relationships, ... so no more squeak by and join the 1,000 views club. ...

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

Where Do You Find Your Data ????? ... is this Site Accurate ??? ... Would You Stake Your Ability to post to the Site on it??? ... Seems some will post whatever is found on the Internet ((Where Good and BAD blend into a Mixture of ..... S**? ... Stuff. ... find the Quality Reference Sites and use those .... and let the OTHER ((Not-so-Smart)) Editors use those Gossip Sites ... hahahaha .... Where Angelina is having an Affair with Jules Verne (Time Traveller) .... and Making Time Warp Babies ...

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

A Note .... Awards are given for specific Areas of Excellence, ... Such as the Green Check Award for High -Accuracy and dependability in posts ... ALTHOUGH ... some find that the powers and privileges bestowed as a Part of the Award are not able to be used .... These Powers can be Rescinded .... or Frozen ... For Lack of those Qualities ... Check to see why You no longer have that power, .... Are You becoming inaccurate ... ((SEE SHARE SECTION)) as an example of what can happen ... Where the Editors can no longer post directly to the SITE ... but must have their constant Errors corrected and added by the Editing Editor. .... Accuracy is a Premium we must keep .... so FIX isn't just another Dump Site. ,,, like where the Garbage goes.

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

""SHARE SECTION""" ... this is found on the Editors Dashboard ... ... These Images are placed in the Share Section because, ..... there are probably Errors in the Collection .... as the Editors have been put in this section for Constant Errors in their Posts ... and each Editor that chooses to work with them ,,,,, MUST!!! correct the Errors .... Don't just pass them along as if Perfect. ... Half have real errors such as .... Wrong Profile to which they are connected ... see ""Francesca Allen"" ... the posts are placed on the Animation profile instead of the Love Island Profile ... and must be moved to the correct profile ... And there are hundreds of such errors like this ... along with the Wrong person attributed to images .... where the Photographer is mistaken as to the Subject of the Shots. .... Along with the First Lady ""Louisa Johnson"" who is gifted with the Images of """" by the Boa

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

There are Magazines ... ((of some Accuracy))) ... and there are Ragazines ,,, (((Gossip filled Garbage prints))) ... anything to sell that next issue .... even if they know for certain, that Abraham Lincoln and Kim Kardashian did in Fact NOT have a Love child while In a Time Warp Love affair.

halfgoofy 2 weeks ago

There are a Numerous Clone-attempts of this SITE ... copying all the data postwed here ... BUT!!! their Editing is vastly Lagging ... as any relationship created from thin-Air here ((By a Not-so-Smart)) ... that is quickly Deleted ... will stay a part of those many Wanna-bees, ... That Buzz around the Net causing confusion to the un-verifying few ... that will repeat any Gossip, ... as Pure Fact ... cause ... if it is on the Internet ... it just dotta be for sure true.

mandia27 2 weeks ago Well I have a question ... Where fo all the other sites get their info from?? Us?? the universe?? This nonsense bogus site has gotten the previous profile photo I had for this literally unknown model at tha time and created a small page. Despite the fact that sh has had a huge following on Tiktok ever since and now she is a pageant queen. this kind of site had been stuck to the very few info I had provided. That she was an Ecuadorean model.

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